52 of You

I like photography. I like to take photos but, I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, more a hobbyist. I did photography for awhile as a business and someday I may again. For now it is something I love to do for myself. Another outlet for my creativity.

I see photographers and other hobbyist doing 365 projects, a photo a day for an entire year, and they fascinate me. However, I’m realistic with myself and the probability of me not completing a 365 project. More than likely with the crazy awesome life I live with 2 kids in school, basketball, piano, dance, etc, I’d remember I didn’t take a photo for the day as I crawled exhausted into bed. That thought doesn’t entice me into trying a 365 project. I also want to photograph something with meaning, not some random item or moment from my day or from a prompt list a photography website has posted.

The desire is there though. The desire to pick up my camera more. The desire to photograph with purpose and direction. To photograph a subject with meaning. To see growth through the photos themselves.

That desire along with the love for my children and seeing how fast they’re growing and changing has led me to my own photography project for the year. My kids are 9(almost 10) and 11. They’re on the edge of where being a little kid is slipping away and the tween years are beginning. I want to capture through photographs this time, to see the change and growth in a year and to savor each moment. My way of doing this is going to be by taking a photograph a week of each of them. I explained it to them and said “there will be 52 of you”, hence the title of this and the title for my project. I’m sure this isn’t unique, I’m sure it’s been done before. I’m excited though. To see the growth of not only my kids but, also my photography over the year. I’m sure there will be Saturday nights where they’re getting ready for bed and I realize I don’t have their photo for the week but that’s ok. I’ll photograph them as they brush their teeth, snuggle under the covers, say their prayers, or kiss me goodnight. Those too are the fleeting moments I don’t want to forget and those are the moments that are part of our life right now.  I’ll try to share the photos as I go but I know some weeks will be busy and I won’t get to edit and post them. Some weeks I’ll catch you up with multiple weeks’ photos at once. I plan and hope to use my DSLR camera for all of these but I’m not forbidding myself the use of my iPhone if I need to.

With that, let me introduce you to my kids with photos from week 1’s 52 of You.

Wyatt is our oldest. He’s our sweet tender hearted boy. Thankfully he will still cuddle up on the couch with me and kiss me goodnight. He’s smart, things come easy to him. He loves music and has natural musical talents and abilities. He plays piano and trumpet and wants to learn guitar and drums. He loves God and knows God has called him for a purpose(I don’t feel it’s my place to share what that purpose is because it’s his). He is God’s little warrior and God used him to bring healing to this mama’s heart.


Selah is our youngest. She’s a little bit of grit and grace. She’s a beautiful perfect storm. She’s a little all over the place but loves fiercely. She was the answer to many prayers and now is the subject of many prayers. As she says, dance is her thing.  I see her loose and find herself all at the same time with dance. She has a fire in her that is going to set this world ablaze. Her name means to pause and to reflect, she causes me to to do just that frequently.


You’ve just been introduced to 2 big pieces of my heart. I really can’t believe these kids I prayed so long and hard for are already this big. Time is moving a little too fast. I hope to slow it down a little with this photography project.

I’m looking forward to seeing all 52 photos of them when the year is over. To see how they’ve changed, not just in looks but in who they are.  I plan to make a photo book for each of them with the photos from every week. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of something I take on every year with them. As with my writing I’m starting, I’m excited to see where this too leads me.



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