A Door Waiting to Be Opened

In my first post, Brave Enough to Walk Through the Door, I wrote how I asked myself some questions about God calling me to write. One of those was, what if I don’t have anything to write….insert a comment here from my husband about me never being short on words, lol. I’ll admit that’s pretty true though. I like words, I like to talk.  So I’m excited that right now I’m bursting with ideas for blog post.

If you’re following me on this journey you’re waiting to hear on two subjects I mentioned in that first post, why I choose Green August as a name and 52 of You. I’ll get to both, I promise, but first I feel I need to expand on being brave enough to walk through the door. I consider this a part two, a follow up of sorts to my first post.

It’s taken me awhile, truthfully a little to long, to walk through the door and I’ve learned some things along the way. In that time I did a lot of praying, asking God what am I supposed to do with my life. Asking what is my calling, what gifts has He given me and how or what do I do with them. Some things were easy and clear. First I’m a wife, second I’m a mom.  I love being a wife and a mom, it’s my most important job on this earth but, I felt there was more He wanted me to do and I was asking God to show me, to open the door for me.

Thing was He was showing me the door but He needed me to move, to take action. Our pastor frequently says if you’re feeling distant from God he didn’t move, you did.  God is always with us and many times when we feel He’s distant it’s because we’ve stepped back. We’ve spent less time in His Word, in prayer, in worship, etc. I wasn’t feeling distant, I hadn’t taken any steps back but I wasn’t moving forward either. We have to continually grow in our relationship with God, to move forward. After months of praying I knew what God was asking me to do. To be truthful though, as I wrote in that first post, I’ve known for awhile…but I wanted the door opened for me. God showed me the door, He unlocked it for me but I had to be brave enough to open it and be brave enough to walk through it. The Bible talks about faith without action, or works, well I had the faith but I wasn’t acting on it.

For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also is faith apart from works is dead.             James 2:26(ESV)

For months I had been praying, asking, searching for the what, the where, the how. I was wanted a clear answer from God. He wanted to me to take a step of faith. He wanted me to move, to act in faith, trusting He would be there when I did. Even though it was intimidating, I had to to take a step. That step required me not to walk through an already open door but to open the closed door AND take a step through.  Can I just say it’s easier to walk through an open inviting door than it is to open a closed door and take a step into the unknown. That door can look pretty scary.  It can look uninviting and hard to open, but have faith that sometimes the best things are hidden behind the least likely door.


So let me ask you the question I asked myself, what if God is waiting for you to move? What if He’s showing you the door is there, it’s unlocked, but you have to move, to act, to do the work. You have to be brave enough not just to walk through it but, to open it and take a step through. What is the opportunity waiting for you, what does God have for you that He needs you to act in faith on? If God shows you the door, no matter how scary it is, take a step of faith, open the door and walk through. It’s amazing what is on the other side.



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